Originally from the small town of Stanley in regional NE Victoria, Emma White currently lives in Melbourne where she works out of her Fitzroy studio. An enthusiast of the simple life, Emma lives between her Richmond apartment and her camper van when exploring roads less travelled. 

Artist Statement

Place, time and being at home in the world are the central ideas that build and drive Emma's practice. Her relationship with space and her surroundings are the foundations on which her work grows. Describing her works as abstract landscape paintings, their intention is not so much to show you a place, but rather to suggest how it felt. Emma believes that the landscape is not just the line and colour of the ground but a projection of the shape and character within a persons thinking. With a process aided by memory, Emma describes time as being like liquid, if not cupped in the right way can run instantly through our fingers. Using this notion within her practise, through the painting process and the varility and delicacy of the landscape, with tightly cupped hands, she slows time down